Father Frank

This is the man who delivered Frank.

On purpose. In case you were thinking I went into labor in a Catholic church by accident and this guy just happened to be there, that wasn’t the case.

I was already pregnant when I met Father Klamet, well Dr. Klamet, as I referred to him. I came and we did paperwork, blood tests and joked about maybe twins. We did an ultrasound and I had pictures of this tiny new life. Things were progressing, but then at about 8 weeks there was spotting. I called him and he said he was sure everything was fine but we’d do an ultrasound anyway. He sent me over to the hospital and I waited for the results.

The nurse who called me said “There is no heartbeat.” I didn’t understand that. I watched a lot of House at that time and thought surely there was some medical miracle to be had that would restart that baby’s heart. When the nurse clarified that there was not going to be a miracle here, I dropped the phone.

I went in for my doctor’s appointment and Dr. Klamet encouraged me to allow things to progress naturally. He said what I was experiencing wasn’t the typical loss, but rather a “missed miscarriage.” My baby’s heart had stopped, but my body wasn’t recognizing it. I would continue to have pregnancy symptoms while I had miscarriage symptoms.

These were some of my darkest days, having conversations where people argued with me that I wasn’t losing the baby because I was still have the pregnancy symptoms. They recommended second opinions. They recommended I try something, do something. But even in this midnight, I trusted Dr. Klamet. He told me that particularly in this situation he recommended naturally carrying out the miscarriage so that there would never be the question of “What if….?”

Weeks later there came the day when there was no more maybes or what ifs.

About five months later I was back in his office, pregnant again. I was terrified. I was consumed by certainty that this would end the same way. I had been so happy the time before when I told Kermit, but with this pregnancy, when I told him, I started crying.

Then at 8 weeks, the same point as the previous pregnancy, I began to spot. I called Dr. Klamet from work, sobbing, unable to breath, sitting in the stairwell of that office unable to go up or down, unable to move in my terror.

He brought me in and turned on his ultrasound machine. He showed me a healthy baby, a healthy sac, and a subcutaneous bleed, a small pocket of blood that was placed in not the best spot, but not the worst spot. I started to cry again. This is when the doctor became the priest.

He spoke to me of Matthew 6. He said “Matthew 6:27 it says ‘Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?’ No, you can’t.” He went on to teach me. He told me that worry doesn’t change anything. It wouldn’t keep me from miscarrying. It wouldn’t change the loss of the last baby. If I was to miscarry this baby, I wouldn’t feel comfort by being able to say “Well, I worried about it for the past few weeks, so now my grief is less.” He taught me, “The only thing worry can do is steal the joy of today. Today you have a healthy baby.” Be glad for that.

Oh, what peace he gave me. He told me to go, to focus on positive imagery of pregnancy. If I was to start down the path of fear and worry, to stop myself and refocus on praying and positive thoughts. He offered me such a new way to face my fears.

The day finally came and he delivered Frank, a name given to him in honor of family, but for whom I have always cherished the connection it gave my son to this man. He left the hospital in a rush since Frank was born in the 6 o’clock hour on a Sunday and he had priestly duties to take care of, services to lead. He conducted that Mass in honor of my Frank, and then returned that afternoon bearing gifts from his parishioners.

In the following year, I leaned heavily on his medical expertise. He gave me such great information and empowered me to feel confidence in my abilities as a new mom. He told me during that year that the men of his family didn’t live past 59 and he didn’t expect to live beyond that himself. I thought it was a joke.

I brought Frank in for his one year appointment on a Friday. It was a great appointment and as always he praised me and Frank as being shining examples of what we should be as a good mom and a healthy baby.

That weekend Father Dr. Klamet was gone. I always think, if I had known, I would have taken a picture of him holding Frank at that appointment.

Dr. Klamet taught me so much in the time I knew him and I know I am just one of many, many others who were blessed by his teaching. He is the best example of living out faith I have ever encountered. I can share hundreds of stories, conversations, where he embodied the best in living a holy life. He showed me that being prolife was not about being anti-abortion, but rather being committed to preserving and providing for the life after birth as well, and caring for the mother.

This morning I stood in my kitchen, contemplating the interviews I’ve had in the past week and wondering which direction I will be going. I thought of Dr. Klamet, of his funeral, where the bishop shared that they had been in discussion about moving Dr. Klamet to a new church in another place. The bishop said he’d replied “What God wants, I will give. Where God leads, I will go.” So simply faithful. So simply Frank.

I didn’t remember that today was the date of his passing until I saw someone post about it on Facebook, but it touched my heart to hear the words of a man who taught me so much about peace and faithfulness, float through my head as if he was speaking straight to my face, reminding me to put one foot in front of the other following God’s leading.

What God wants, I will give. Where God leads, I will go.

R.I. P. Father Klamet.

***** If you would like to know more about this amazing man, more of his story leading him to be both a priest and a doctor, this is a nice read by a blogger, and written in a way I think he would have appreciated.  http://www.cleveland.com/brett/blog/index.ssf/2009/04/father_frank_klamet_lived_his.html

8 thoughts on “Father Frank

  1. I had the pleasure of working with Frank for 6 years. He was an amazing man and words can never describe the respect and love I felt for him. I think of him often and am thankful I had the privilege of knowing him and the honor of calling him my friend.
    He is loved and missed by so very many.
    We luv u Frank!

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  2. dr frank klamet became my doctor when I moved back to wch in may of 2000 he attended to me and my unborn son and then on 9/14/2000 he delivered my son. during my pregnaucy & after my son was born he gave me hope & eased all of my first time mothers fears I am forever grateful for him and I miss him and think about him everyday i wish he was still here because he was the most wonderful, caring loving trust worthy doctor that Fayette county has ever had and there will never be another doctor there in Fayette county that can fill his shoes doctor klamet was simply the only doctor worth trusting there at Fayette county and i wish we could bring him back rest in peace dr.frank klamet & thank u for the time i got to share with u & our talks u r forever in my heart& forever missed ill never forget you

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  3. Dr Klamath Is the one that brought my beautiful baby girl in to the world. And myself and my daughter was overwhelmed with sadness when we heard he passed. My daughter cried for days. She was lititle and didn’t understand why. He touched her heart as he cared for her as a child. Ur for sure forever missed. R.I.P Dr Frank Klamet

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  4. How ironic is this it brings me to tears when I think of this great man and remember being in the delivery room with my daughter and Football was on and it was 1/2 time and Prince came on and he said joking to my daughter your going to have to hold that baby in for a second I don’t want to miss this.. And we stood there watching all of prince performance and Dr Klamet sang and danced around..was one of the best days of my life in so many ways. And this man is very missed by all .

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  5. Dr. Klamet was the most amazing doctor!! He helped me through a similar situation with my first pregnancy. I had a miscarriage, 6 months later I’m pregnant again, 6 months later I’m delivering a 1 lbs 15 oz boy. He was my rock…always told me I should write a book about my pregnancy and special delievery…especially for all my son endured. So wish he was still here. All of my boys would have been delivered by him and would have been under his care.

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  6. Dr. Klamet was my grandson’s doctor and he also worked at the hospital that my daughter-in-law works at still. He was the kindest, most generous man a person would ever want to meet. He is missed by all whom truly knew the great man that he was and will always be. Rest In Peace Doctor & Father Klamet.


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