What We All Complain About

There is one thing we all can agree on. It’s not gorillas or parenting. It’s not diet or politics. It is the one topic you can discuss with your neighbor who lets their dog poop in your yard, or the boss you don’t like or your best friend whom you’ve known all your life. It is appropriate dinner conversation and it is good as a go to when there is an awkward pause in conversation. We can all laugh over it and grumble about it, all in agreement.

The weather.

In the past few months we’ve had dryness and heat enough to set a mountain ablaze, wetness and cold so biting we renamed the month “Maytember” and then humid heat with clear skies that have left more than a few noses and shoulders lobster red. If they say it in Ohio, they say it in Arizona, they say it in Oregon, and they say it in Virginia, they must say it everywhere. If you don’t like the weather here, wait 5 minutes.

Yesterday at soccer I was having this very conversation with another soccer mom. She prefers the transitional times, spring and fall, but what happened, she wondered. It came up again this morning with a dear lady from my church. She likes spring best, the flowers, the smell of impending or just finalized rainfall. But there was not so much of that this year.

The seasons this year are all mixed up. There should be a clear mark of delineation, warm spring, hot summer, cool fall, cold winter. To everything there should be a season. Biblical truth for you, yeah? A time to sow and a time to reap. A time to throw stones and a time to gather them together. A time for war and one for peace, a time for love and a time for hate.

But what when there is crossover? What when the seasons mix? What when the time of joy is invaded by grief? What when the time of clarity is invaded by the time of blurred vision? What when every weather pattern seems so big and unpredictable?

This is what we’ve all been asking over the past few weeks. The complaint on all our lips.

The crossover of seasons.

The unpredictable nature of weather.

I don’t have much wisdom for the why’s of the timing of life tonight, only a reminder to give it to the rain maker.

And when you don’t want to talk about something else, the weather is always a fine topic.



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