Lately I’ve heard a lot of talk about who means what for my life. When good things happen, God means x,y, or z. Or when bad things happen, x,y and z again but this time the devil comes on the scene with what his intentions may be. How they intend situations and experiences in my life to impact me and what great mystical knowledge or power I might derive from those experiences.

There is always this notion of God and Satan in deep combat over the chess board, God moving and then Satan takes a turn and then God counters and sure, God has the foresight to stay ahead, but it is a back and forth with us as the pawns. It’s a concept I’ve heard my whole life, whether it be chess or a sports comparison, back and forth, one then the other.

I heard a message from Dale Sutherland that talked again about this idea, but he said “The truth is, if the chess game is our illustration, you should understand, God owns the chess pieces, he owns the chess board, he owns the table and he owns both people playing the games, because God is sovereign.”

That really resonated with me. It has been hanging over me in the past week or two, this chess board philosophy, but more and more I see that perhaps it’s not us which are the pawns, but rather our events, our stories which move about the board and impact one another, but the difference is, I decide which team to allow to control the moves.

Of course Satan has bad intentions. He wants to block our paths, he wants to confound us. He wants to break our spirits and he wants to destroy us. Of course. And of course God has good intentions. The ultimate goal however is victory, not my victory, but God’s victory, His glory. Achieving that will have cost.

When those events are in front of us, while we are staring at the cost, we can decide, is this a black piece or a white piece? It doesn’t change the maneuver allowed to the piece. It doesn’t mean that some pieces won’t be sacrificed. It just matters how you will allow that to impact you. You can choose to say “I will allow this pain, this fear, this situation in front of me to be a piece I’ll allow God to use.” Then you look for how He works it out.

We don’t need to look for signs where the twists and turns in our life originated. It is so sweet to look for the ways we’ll see glory out of it all.

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