Not All My Words…Just a Few



When peace like a river, attendeth my way
When sorrows like sea billows roll
Whatever my lot, Thou has taught me to say
It is well, it is well with my soul.

This photo is of the finest log in all of Glenn Helen Nature Preserve. This is where I spent my 9th anniversary. Kermit and I had gone out for a nature celebration, knowing that we’d have to be reasonably quick about it as storms were predicted for later that afternoon.

We were not expecting to get lost.
And we were not expecting the force of that storm.
And we were not expecting the Ranger we called on our cell to say “Take cover. Is there a cave nearby?”
And certainly weren’t expecting him to say that he had to turn around and wouldn’t be able to come out or send out anyone to find us until after the storm subsided.

Kermit, my love, feeling extra sentimental I think because of the whole anniversary thing, let me take the closest thing to a shelter we could find….a hollowed out log. I climbed in and texted a friend to pray for us, that we were lost and that at least I was scared. When the storms came, according to the weather report we’d seen earlier, they were supposed to last all night. I was not happy thinking of staying in a log all night in a place where wild animals would also be looking for shelter. Also, my phone was dying and I don’t know how you entertain yourself when you’re in a log for who knows maybe a whole night, maybe a weekend, maybe forever, but without candy crush, it would be a boring dragging span of hours. There was no conversation to be had, since talking required screaming over the wind and pounding rain.

Eventually there was a break in the storm system and a ranger came, found us, and led us back to the path we could follow. We were ok. We had a story to tell for years to come.

Tonight I feel a little like I’m back in that hollowed out log, wondering how big of a storm is approaching, how long it will take to pass, wondering how I can keep my mind occupied. I am drawn back to that moment, in that log, when I remembered thinking that if I came through this unscathed I would have a moment to cling to, to remember that God is there, even in the scariest storm. That I am married to a man who will let me have the hiding place. Remembering to wait for the guide to lead us safely through.

That when we’re in a hollowed out log, we’re not alone.

That there is a path out of this.


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