What Did I Do This Summer?

My summer was NOT what I planned.

At the beginning of the summer I had a list of things we were going to do and since I was without a job I was going to be available to do them all! We were going to go to the moon. We were also going to take up mother/children jogging and eat green smoothies every day. We were going to practice handwriting regularly and stay on top of all the at home math activities I’ve hoarded. The kids were going to practice soccer daily with Daddy and maybe I’d teach them to play drums.

All these things and more.

But things changed. Unexpected plans came on the scene and mussed up a perfectly laid out season. I’ve thought a lot on all the things I didn’t accomplish this summer. I even thought about listing them here, but all I could come up with was a list of things we did get to do.

1. Went geocaching
2. Rode the Metro
3. Hiked on a real mountain (though not far, because you know…bears…and lostness)
4. Went to the National Zoo
5. Went to the Natural History Museum, the National History Museum and the Air and Space Museum.
6. Went to Harper’s Ferry.
7. Saw 3 or 4 movies in the theater.
8. Went to Jump!
9. Cooked hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire.
10. Blew bubbles, drew with sidewalk chalk, rode bikes.
11. Planted a pallet garden and a little strawberry patch.
12. Read with the kids.
13. Read by myself.
14. Read my Bible pretty much daily. (The last week or two were a little hit or miss, but if you look at my record before that….pretty good.)
15. Had a stuffed animal tea party.
16. Went to Lake Sherando.
17. Climbed around some waterfalls. (That’s not smart. Don’t do that.)
18. Took the kids fishing.
19. Went to the pool.
20. Went to the river.
21. Saw my parents and both of my brothers and their families. ❤

There’s not really a deep thought to this post. Even if this isn’t the most profound thing I’ve ever written for you, there will come a time when I need to look at this summer and remember the happiness within it. I had a nice summer even thought it was nothing like what I expected when I stood on the other side of the summer door preparing to open it. But despite some tough situations this summer, Clarence is right, “You really did have a wonderful life!”

Too early for Christmas references?


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