What’s For Breakfast?

At life group tonight we were talking about how things are easier if you spend time throughout the week with God, read the Bible, pray. This thought came out of that.

Of course it’s easier! It’s hard to maintain a marriage if you don’t talk to your spouse every day. But beyond that, it’d be nearly impossible to maintain a marriage if we treated those we love like many people treat God.

Imagine for a moment that you haven’t spoken to your husband or wife except to say “Good morning” and “Good night” for an entire week and then you get up Sunday morning and walk in to the kitchen, look your beloved in the eye and say “What’d you fix me to eat?” They hand over a beautiful omelet made with cage free hormone free local eggs and cheese that they aged themselves, juice fresh squeezed by hand and fruit grown in the garden. You sit down and stare at your phone while you eat and then walk away from the table and leave the dirty dish just sitting there. Someone has called you on the phone and without so much as a thanks for the meal, you’re off to talk to your friend.

Imagine even in the context of friendship, you see a friend on Facebook whom you haven’t spoken to since college. You look them up online and find their address, go and ring their doorbell. They are so excited to see you, to reconnect and they invite you in. You walk directly into their kitchen, open the fridge and say “So, whatcha got that’s good to eat?”

When a person shows up on Sunday, expecting to be fed spiritually, God will provide the meal. He will. But it is up to us to sit down and engage at the table with Him. You will only get out of the dining experience what you’re willing to put into the experience. If you don’t take a bite, you won’t get full. If you don’t take part in the conversation, you won’t feel He’s listening. If you don’t listen, you won’t hear.

If all you want is a Sunday experience, that’s your right to choose that, but there is so much more there to be had! You wouldn’t ignore your spouse who loves you so dearly, so why would you ignore the God of the universe who loves you more than we can fathom? There are meals to be had all over the place, not just in the pew on Sunday morning, and God is supplying the ingredients.

He is calling you to the table.

Sit, eat and enjoy.

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