A Rock or A Vine?

Everyone has days where they hit a wall.
Everyone has days where they sit beside someone who is hitting a wall.

We learn from our youth to be rocks, to be strong and hold ourselves up no matter the situation. We can strong our way through anything if we really try. When we know others are in pain, we should be their rock. Be solid and strong, hold their rocks up with our own rocks, strength upon strength we will not topple over. That’s ok…it’s ok to hold someone up. Just maybe though, as we hold rock upon rock we unknowingly build walls.

Maybe we were never intended to be rocks, but rather vines, seeing one another attempting to scale the walls we hit, and to reach out, grab a hold, wrap around, embrace, care and not let go of each other. Not to support by propping up, but to support by allowing the other to grow while you encourage them towards the light. And then, when you are the one hitting the wall, allowing others to pull you into the sun’s warmth, to trust them to allow them to pull your grasp off those walls, to let go and to find a way up and over.

It’s ok to be a rock, I guess. To offer support. But isn’t it better to be a vine?

For my friends hitting their walls today, I am here for the up and over.